Despite this evolutionary homology i. Her teeth are in better condition, because she gets first pick of the kill, and so she doesn't have to crush bones that can damage her teeth. Instead, she feasts on the best and most tender meat, unlike the lowly males. Sketch by Wolfgang Wickler. When females greet each other, they stand in a parallel position, facing in opposite directions. In truth, the pseudo-penis has all the components of typical female genitalia. For all the latest ABC Science content click here.
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How does spotted hyena hierarchy actually work?

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Spotted Hyenas Burdened with Hermaphrodite Myth

What are the evolutionary origins of such structures? They make a wide range of sounds including that famous giggle actually a sign of submission , but the whoop — a quintessential sound of the savannah — is their signature call. They compete for mates, while females, who bear the burden of actually raising offspring, are choosy about their partners. During sex, females get a meal along with sperm. If a hyena can recognise clan-mates by more conventional sensory means, does she really need a pseudopenis?
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The Problem With Hyena Queens – Adventures In Natural History Illustration

The only part of the male made by RFP is a tiny collar A8 around the genitals proper [,,]. When the same milk-laden animal welcomed a fellow clan member with a massive phallic erection, you might feel less certain. The Australian anthropologist Marcus Baynes-Rock, who has spent several years living in Ethiopia studying the relationship between our two species, has some insights as to why. To complete this trans-trickery, the female spotted hyena also appears to sport her very own pair of testicles: Her labia have fused to form a false scrotum and are filled with fatty-tissue swellings, which are quite understandably mistaken for male gonads. But for top-dog hyena moms, a hell-raiser is preferred. Bilaterian gonads typically import their germ cells [,,] after the latter have migrated far using conserved genetic circuitry [] , a strange odyssey that may have a simple evo-devo explanation [,,,]. They look as if they were wired by a succession of schizophrenic electricians who insisted on "improving" the shambles they found when they arrived.
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Low-ranking females and their offspring are next on the list, finally followed by adult males. Although the external genitalia are morphologically similar to those of males, the internal urogenital system of females is more traditionally feminine. Development of human genitalia []. There is some merit to this hypothesis, but thinking back to giving birth through a penis a massive biological trade-off makes me wonder if there is another hypothesis that explains the existence of the penile-clitoris. This set the stage for a resolutely damning portrait of the hyena that often included grisly tales of grave robbing. Both humans and hyenas are highly intelligent social predators with origins on the African savannah, he explained to me. I stumbled upon this interesting tidbit as an aside when interviewing a Duke University evolutionary anthropologist, Christine Drea.
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Female hyena enlarged clitoris

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